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Softfinity Consulting has a dream. It is, simply put, addressing a culmination of our clients’ repeated outward projection of explicit requirements for a workable, collaborated intellectual property driven
solution to their IT needs.

As clients, vendors with agendas continually bombard us. Often enough, the real solution to our needs consists of a joint implementation of two or more products, integrated and with access provided by a single electronic point of entry to check validation and eligibility, perhaps with the provision of supply chain integration between service providers and their suppliers and statutory reports to the necessary authorities. We hear clients screaming for a single, unified, role-based architectural solution, which provides this functionality, as well as acts as an information dissemination hub for the enterprise. Why is it that we cannot achieve these simple goals, with all of the cutting-edge, innovative technology available to us? Mostly, the reason underlying this problem is the ineffective collaboration of independent software vendors, service providers and internal project teams to deliver a combined solution that exactly meets the client requirement. Each Party views themselves as a total solution provider in each of their independent respects. They do not see themselves as a small cog in a large wheel, or as only a part of a greater, distinctive solution.

Softfinity understands this dilemma, and understands that each party has its own value-add as a unique set of skills, a set of skills that does not overlap the offerings of other parties. Softfinity harnesses and combines these specialized skill-sets, and provides the generic, overlapped portion out of its own resources, while pooling the combined intellectual property assets of the vendor alliance for the client's ultimate benefit. This Singular Intellectual Property Assimilation (SIPA) results in true empowerment for all members of the team, and a unique and decisive competitive advantage for clients. Softfinity's long-term objective is to enable clients to successfully implement a workable enterprise-wide, web based, business service-oriented architecture, linking various business units across the corporation to provide suppliers, customers & partners access to updated information at point of service - with the purpose of improving customer service, implementing effective corporate governance while complying with regulations, and gaining greater market share by competitive edge and speed to market of new services. To this endeavour it subscribes and actively promotes the adoption of a componentized, flexible and standards-based enterprise architecture.

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Softfinity Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a business and technology consulting and systems integration company, specializing in intellectually enriched business and technology consulting and turnkey solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Through our various strategic partnerships and our pioneering engagement model, branded Translucent, we are able to bring to market value adding and ienrichment consulting services and solutions in all the traditional verticals, namely Transportation & Logistics, Telecommunication and Media, Financial, FMCG, Government and Energy. We firmly believe that our Translucent engagement model together with our approach to the creation, and dissemination of intellectual information and property, branded Singular Intellectual Property Assimilation, is all empowering and is the fabric for each and every client engagement.

Softfinity's approach is consistent across clients, strategic partners and internal self-assimilating IP teams, which are comprised of client, Softfinity and Softfinity partner resources. These teams are highly focused cross-pollinated and encapsulated with the appropriate intellectual property and information as dictated by the client engagement. Softfinity Consulting (Pty) Ltd is not structured according to any traditional hierarchical or divisional operational model, instead, it engages as a collective entity and is organized into self-assimilating IP teams (as mentioned above). Softfinity Consulting (Pty) Ltd has a subsidiary called Vennsoft, a dedicated Software Factory and Solutions Centre.

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